The Water Pollution Committe

The committee consists of a number of individuals from the business world, the authorities, and institutions with insight into and experience in the field of waste water.

The members are appointed for a two year period and meet once a year at the committee’s plenary meeting.

The day-to-day operations of the committee are handled by the executive committee which typically meets 4 times a year. The actual tasks are executed by the committee by setting up subcommittees. These subcommittees consist of the committee’s own members supplemented by non-members as needed. These subcommittees are dissolved once the imposed task has been solved. However, in practice some of the subcommittees are of a permanent character. See below for a list of the subcommittees.


The tasks of the committee are:

  • As an expert organ to handle tasks within the field of the committee, partly on its own initiative and partly in response to official questions
  • To carry out preliminary work in preparation for setting up standards
  • To establish collaboration with other organs and institutions, which operate with the same and similar tasks
  • To publish results of the committee’s work