The OK18

The OK18 (2018 collective agreements)

IDA is working hard to achieve a satisfactory result for its members. However, these are difficult negotiations. Naturally, we hope they will not end in industrial action but, recently, we at IDA and the other organisations in the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations have prepared ourselves for the possibility of industrial action.

Dear IDA Member

After Tuesday’s marathon negotiations at the Danish Conciliation Board, conciliator Mette Christensen has decided to postpone the industrial action for a further 14 days.

This puts the industrial action yet again on hold, and IDA therefore still hopes that the parties will reach an agreement that is to everyone’s satisfaction.

The unions’ strike had been announced to commence on April 22nd after the first postponement. This date has now been changed to May 6th, since a strike cannot take effect until five days after the 14 days. However, the conciliator is entitled to declare a breakdown in negotiations during the postponement period. In this case, industrial action will commence five days later. This includes the day on which negotiations broke down.

This postponement means that the employers’ lockout of around 440,000 public employees will take effect on May 12th if the entire postponement period is used.

Important: Industrial action has been postponed by the official conciliator. Therefore, a strike or lockout will not commence before 6 May and 12 May or five days after a final breakdown in negotiations moderated by the Danish Conciliation Board. 

Register to get salary compensation

If you are a part of either the strike or the lockout, please register to get salary compensation from IDA.

IDA has prepared an A to Z of Industrial Action, which informs you of your position if industrial action does take place. Click here for information about the special strike loan you can take out if industrial action breaks out.

IDA would like to point out that we do not want industrial action and we are still working to achieve a satisfactory outcome from the negotiations. For us, this includes a fair increase in real wages for public employees who have held back and agreed to crisis arrangements over the past three collective bargaining processes.

You can watch a video in which IDA’s chairman, Thomas Damkjær Petersen, explains why we are on the verge of industrial action. (at the top)

You are always welcome to contact us on to get help concerning the 2018 collective agreement.

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