Organise your next tech event

The IDA ambassador fund – pass on your knowledge

The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA, has a long and proud tradition of utilising its members and their technological knowledge – both internally and externally. IDA currently consists of a strong community with more than 110,000 technology and knowledge ambassadors, and society needs your expert knowledge and technological insight now more than ever.

You can easily and simply apply for funding from IDA's ambassador fund. The fund will enable you to organise the event that you have always wanted to hold for the outside world and for other IDA members. Below is an overview of the guidelines.

The IDA ambassador fund - organise your own event

  • Do you have a good idea for an exciting tech event?
  • Would you like to organise IDA's next event for members?
  • Are you eager to pass on your knowledge to others with the same technological interests as you?

The purpose of the fund is to bring your knowledge into play to benefit the outside world. The fund will contribute to setting up activities that can inspire and motivate members with the same specialist interest.

Who can apply?

All members of IDA who are not already volunteers or previous volunteers in IDA can apply for funding from the ambassador fund. The activity must be planned, run and held by you, but as far as possible you will be linked to a specialist network. This network will help you with advertising and practical tasks in connection with the event. Read about IDA's specialist networks here.

What can I apply for?

You can apply for funding to hold events, network meetings, seminars or similar. The only requirement is that the activity has a technological or specialist topic. Topics can range from hybrid solutions to molecular biology and concrete. Perhaps there is a niche area that you think needs more focus, or a technological topic, an angle or an issue on your mind and you think that this may also be interesting for your colleagues or co-students.

However, we would prefer the activity to inspire IDA's members and we encourage innovative and creative activities. The activity must be held in 2018 and offered to members of IDA with the same technological interest.
If you have any ideas for activities that are not specialist activities, contact 

Application requirements

Deadline for submission of applications and case processing

Applications can be submitted throughout 2018. You will receive a reply by no later than two weeks after we have received your application. We will assess the application on the basis of the application itself and an estimated budget. All activities selected must be held in 2018.

As a minimum, we must have received the application by two months before you would like to hold the activity.

How much can I apply for?

You can apply for up to DKK 15,000 per activity, but applications for higher amounts may also be considered.

Application procedure

Submit your application here

  • If your activity has been selected, you will hear from us by no later than two weeks after we have received your application.
  • Your activity will be set up in our event system
  • IDA will help you find a venue if necessary
  • Your event will be linked to one of IDA's specialist networks which deals with the specialist area that matches your activity.
  • IDA will advertise your activity to relevant members
  • Invoices/travelling expenses in connection with the activity will be paid as they are submitted. (You will receive more information about this after the funding has been approved)
  • Do not forget to let us know about any changes or cancellation
  • You will have to submit a brief report about the event and attach a couple of photos from the day within four weeks after your activity has been held. The report and photos will published on this website and will be used for subsequent marketing purposes.