Shaping New Tomorrow

Update your wardrobe at Shaping New Tomorrow, the brand that has reimagined how classic, neat menswear should feel and look. Members enjoy a 10% discount.

The story of Shaping New Tomorrow started in 2015 with three childhood friends who set out to change the way we think about traditional menswear. Comfort and dressiness were difficult to reconcile, and this became the basis for building a new international clothing brand.

Their concept is to create styles that fit whatever the day brings. When we face new challenges or have to make important decisions. When we have to step out of our comfort zone - or when we just need to relax at home on the sofa. In their clothes, you will experience a dimension of comfort that means you never feel restrained in your everyday life.

Shaping New Tomorrow's aim has been to challenge the traditions and to rethink how classic, neat menswear should feel and look. It is a constantly evolving process – and you can probably also feel the difference when you try on their clothes.

You can shop at Shaping New Tomorrow with an IDA discount of 10% on all non-discounted products .

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