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Get 30% membership discount on Jyllands Posten.

As a member of IDA, you receive a 30% discount on selected subscriptions to Danish daily Jyllands Posten. In short, as long as you are a member of IDA, Jyllands Posten offers a discount of 30% when you take out a subscription, and you receive a 10% membership discount when you extend your subscription.

You receive Jyllands Posten all week, Monday to Sunday, and you have digital access to the online newspaper and all content at all week.

How to get your discount

  • Click here for further details and to take out a subscription (in Danish)
  • The subscription continues automatically with a 10% membership discount. The membership price applies to private individuals and continues as long as you are a member of IDA.

  • If you already have a similar subscription to Jyllands Posten, and you pay the normal price, you are welcome to contact Jyllands Posten’s customer service centre on 8738 3737 to receive IDA membership prices from now on.