Cash Benefits

Just Eat

As a member of IDA, you will receive a monthly discount coupon on takeaway on with 15 % discount.

Just Eat collaborates with more than 2.3000 restaurants all over Denmark, which means that you will always be able to order food near you with discount.

How to receive the discount

• You will monthly receive a personal discount coupon to Just Eat
• You will receive the coupon through the newsletter “IDA Benefits”
• Each coupon can only be used for one order at
• Each coupon is valid from time of delivery up to and including the 15. In the month
• Discount rate at 15 %
• The discount coupon cannot be combines with other discounts

How to order your meals

• Go to
• Log in or sign up
• Find a restaurant that you want to place an order from
• Choose the food you want to order
• Choose between take-away or to pick it up
• Go to checkout and remember to use your coupon to get the 15 % discount