IDA student insurance

Only as a student member of IDA you have the access to what is probably Denmark’s most inexpensive and best student insurance cover through IDA Forsikring.

Prices are low and there are no excess. The benefits do not end on graduation, but in fact you can keep your student insurance policies until the age of 30.
We recommend as minimum a home contents insurance and an accident insurance while you are studying, but of course it is up to you to decide how to put your insurances together. In our opinion that is what is most fair.

Home contents insurance
With IDA Forsikring your belongings are comprehensively covered. The household insurance covers the whole household, e.g. furniture, computers, bicycles, smartphones, books and clothes. The insurance also covers if you accidentally cause harm to other people or their belongings.

Accident insurance
It is unwise not to have a good accident insurance. IDA Forsikring offers you coverage around the clock both out, at home, at your student job, in the lab or whenever you may experience an accident.

Travel insurance
When you travel it is nice to know that you can get back home safely. With IDA Forsikring you are covered all year on travels of a maximum of 60 days. You are also covered if you get sick, have an accident or if you lose your luggage.

The insurance also covers dangerous sports such as mountain climbing, bungee jumping and parachuting. If you are the only household member travelling, you can insure your travel companion free of charge under the same terms you get.

Car insurance
As a new driver it is normally very costly to have your own car because the insurance is expensive. That is not the case with IDA Forsikring’s car insurance. Already as a student member of IDA, you save up a bonus each year which will be activated when you buy your first car.

You can choose between two types of insurances. The mandatory liability insurance only covers if you cause damage to others while a comprehensive covers damages to your own car. As a car owner you have to have a liability insurance. If your car is relatively new, you are better off having both a liability and comprehensive insurance. 

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