IDA recommends: The best coverage of the coronavirus

The media is drowning in corona coverage, flashing breaking-news banners are constantly being updated with the number of people infected or in hospital. We’ll guide you to information and articles with good and reliable information, so that you can find out more about the coronavirus.

We really do live in a post-factual world, in which information and misinformation can unite and flood all the platforms from where you usually find your news.

The current situation with coronavirus, quarantine, repatriation and cancellation of events naturally makes people anxious about how far-reaching consequences may be for the elderly, the economy and our community spirit. These concerns are in no way alleviated by reading everything possible about how fast the virus is spreading.

At IDA, we would rather simply guide you to where you can find out more about the coronavirus to stay well-informed and fully prepared to address the spread of the pandemic, both in Denmark and internationally.

Danish media

Our magazine Ingeniøren has more than 30 articles on corona. Here you can read about a potential new test for corona that is ten-times faster than the earlier test method and more accurate. Ingeniøren also has several articles about why we can’t stop the spread, but only delay it and perhaps reduce the number contracting the disease with a warmer spring.

The newspaper Information is one of the Danish media that have decided to give free access to all the articles about corona. None of the coverage of corona in the paper is hidden behind a paywall.

Yes, the articles are in Danish, but use Google Translate. This is now so good that it provides a useful restatement of the content, at least in English.

Good enough for Obama - good enough for us!

The former US president, Barak Obama, has shared and recommended this article from the Washington Post, which is brimming over with good infographics.

They show how the number of corona cases may increase exponentially and why it is so important to flatten the curve, so that those infected contract the disease over a longer period of time and don’t overload the healthcare sector in the short term.

For managers, owners of a business or political representatives

While the government is drawing up aid packages for businesses of all sizes, and IDA and other trade organisations are reading up on the conditions and rights of employees, the Medium platform has put together a good article about how political representatives, managers or business owners can navigate the situation.

If you’re responsible for how the coronavirus impacts other people’s lives, this is a good introduction to letting go of what you have no control of and taking responsibility where you can.

International insight

The US New York Times has also decided to give free access to all the articles about corona, and you can also sign up for a daily overview of developments here.

Wired magazine provides an interesting insight into how data sharing and open source can help limit corona spread.

In the same technology theme Forbes has written a text about how data science, artificial intelligence and new technologies can be used to combat pandemics like corona.

And two articles from Reuters and the Swedish Dagens Nyheter contain more about how willingness to use new technology early is part of the explanation of how South Korea moved from being one of the countries with the most explosive increase in the number of new cases to being able to show a clear decline in the number of people infected (in swedish) in a short period of time, and without having to take the same radical measures as China has been criticized for.


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