Money talks - make them walk

Join IDA Young Professionals at the "Money talks - make them walk" event to learn more about how diversity in the board room affects company performance and thereby your returns as an possible investor.

The event

To celebrate the release of a new report on boardroom diversity, Girls Are Awesome are hosting a panel debate and networking event on a rooftop in Copenhagen. You can secure a ticket to the event by signing up with IDA Young Profesionals :-)

From the event description: "We will discuss and learn more about how the effect of more diversity and a higher female representation can have on your stock returns. Whether you're interested in top-line investing or just plain curious about how all this works and why, feel free to join.

Come and meet:
- Niels Filbæk-Jensen, CEO and co-founder of Matter Pension
- Vigga Svensson, Entrepreneur
- Claus Valentin Hemmingsen, Chairman for Maersk Drilling and DFDS - Shipping & Logistics
- Mursal Khosrawi, Gen Z activist and founder of the action tank (instead of think tank) Handletanken Ligefrem
- Helene Aagaard, co-founder of GoGetty

Together, women's investment network Moneypenny and More, and data diversity hub, GoGetty, have analysed the Danish stock market and their report is now hitting the streets.

By looking at the female representation at board level and top management in all Danish listed companies, they are looking into the correlation between the female representation and your investment returns. More importantly, you can use the report to check which companies scores high on #diversity and thereby not only invest money for a solid return, but also to make an impact on companies and thereby the society we live in. By investing - either in shares or pension schemes - you have the power to push forward the fight for #genderequality, #diversity and #inclusion."

The report on boardroom diversity

In GoGetty's own words:

"In Sweden, they have the Allbright report, analysing diversity and inclusion efforts in Swedish listed companies - in particular in regards to gender. Denmark has not had an equivalent – well, not until now. Together with ‘Moneypenny and more’, GoGetty has set out to change just that.

By looking at the female representation on board and top management levels in all listed companies in Denmark, we are giving every private investor the possibility to make their money not only talk, but also walk. The GoGetty and Moneypenny report can be used directly to check, which companies score high on gender diversity and hence which stocks you can invest in to support those very companies and to make an impact on the society at large.

We’ve said it before, but it never hurts stating the obvious – gender diversity does lead to better business performance - over a 12% better bottom line. Moreover, representation matters, and companies - listed or not - have a responsibility towards the society they operate in. And then again, it is just good business."

  • When

    29. aug. 2019 18:30 - 21:30
  • Where

    Girls Are Awesome HQ, Enghavevej 40, 1654 København V

  • Registration Deadline

    17. aug. 2019 - 12:00

  • Organizer

    IDA Young Professionals

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