From student loans to graduate paychecks: an introduction to private asset management and investments

From student loans to graduate paychecks: an introduction to private asset management and investments
Have you recently graduated or are you just about to? Then it might be a good idea to start considering how you want to manage those hard earned dimes. At this event the Women’s Economy Association will help you by providing an overview of your options.

Finally your student days are coming to an end! No more cup noodles, instant coffee, discount toilet paper or broken phone screens. But after upgrading the dorm room with a new residence, acquiring some proper work attire and maybe visiting the dentist for the first time in a long while – what then?

How do you get off to a good start with investments? Is it even worth considering, when you also need to save up money for the deposit on your new dream home? How much (or little) should you invest per month before it makes sense? Is it better to just pay off the student loans? What is an age savings account (aldersopsparing), and is it something you need to think about now? How do you trade shares or bonds? Is it better to get someone else to manage your assets for you? What is an index? How much is a fair brokerage cost? And how do you handle taxes for investments?

These are some of the questions you can find answers to at this event, where the Women's Economy Association (Kvindeøkonomien) will talk you through opportunities and risks.

Desirée Ballegaard from Financial Confidence on behalf of the Women's Economy Association.

Practical details
The meeting will take place in the Engineering House (IDA), and there will be a sandwich as well as coffee and tea.

Questions about the event?
Please contact Ditte Reinholdt Jensen at

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  • When

    20. mar. 2019 17:00 - 19:30
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    IDA Mødecenter, Kalvebod Brygge 31 - 33, 1780 København V

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    19. mar. 2019 - 23:55

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    IDA Young Professionals

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