Did You Get The Point? Cultural Intelligence and Diversity in Global Collaboration - online

Did You Get The Point? Cultural Intelligence and Diversity in Global Collaboration - online
Whether it is the Danish project manager in Dubai struggling with unspoken social rules, the Indian IT-worker in Copenhagen who must navigate the Danish humor or the leader who leads a virtual multicultural team - cultural differences are at play.

Collaboration across cultures - whether virtual or physical - is essential in many companies and organizations, and culture is present in nearly all aspects of any international collaboration. It can present challenges from fundamental cultural biases about what a good leader is to inter- pretations of micro expressions such as tone of voice, eye contact and body language.

Based on several years of research and two decades of collaboration with various international companies, ConnectingCultures’ founder Signe Ørom, Ph.D., is ready with the book and seminar “Did You Get the Point? Cultural Intelligence and Diversity in Global Collaboration”. The seminar is aimed for any leader, team or employee looking to develop and strengthen their cultural intelligence, and improve the conditions for successful cross-cultural collaboration in the work-place.

Drawing on the many humorous examples and cases from the book and combining it with her own reflections from her decades-long career, Signe Ørom offers a highly practical and relatable perspective on one the most burning questions for contemporary organizations:

How do we work effectively across our cultural differences?

This is just one of the questions you can get insight into during the seminar. Furthermore, you will learn about the following themes:

  • What is cultural intelligence and how do we develop it?
  • How can our cultural diversity be an advantage and how can we achieve the cultural Diversity Bonus?
  • What characterizes the Danish business and working culture and what should you be aware of as an international working in a Danish organization or context?
  • And what should us Danes be aware of?
  • How can we create psychological safety and trust?


Signe Ørom, Ph.D. in language and culture, is the founder and CEO of the consultancy ConnectingCultures. For more than 10 years she has hosted workshops and held lectures on diversity, inclusion, cultural intelligence, and virtual cooperation in Danish and international companies. For nearly 10 years, she herself has lived abroad in several countries and has worked cross-culturally for 20 years. Furthermore, she forms part of the research group CIRCD at Copenhagen University.

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    19. jan. 2023 17:00 - 18:30
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    18. jan. 2023 - 23:59

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