Membership discount at Eat Grim

Get a 10% IDA discount on your first 6 food boxes from Eat Grim. You get access to the discount when you sign up for a subscription with an IDA discount code.

Eat Grim delivers subscription boxes with fresh, organic fruits & vegetables directly from the farm to you. The boxes contain goods that would otherwise go to waste because they might not be as neat or similar in size as those from the supermarket. When buying from Eat Grim, you therefore help minimising the waste of good food.

How it works

You start by choosing the size of the box you want. There are sizes to suit singles, couples, and families. You can see the selection of Eat Grim’s boxes here.

Then you have to choose whether you want weekly delivery, or whether you want a box every other week, for example.

The third step is to choose whether you want delivery or whether you want to pick up the box at one of Eat Grim's collection points. Delivery and pick-up is currently possible around Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Get a 10% IDA discount

As an IDA member, you get a 10% discount on your first 6 boxes from Eat Grim. You get the discount here and by using the IDA code IDAXGRIM.

Of course, you can always cancel your subscription again if you no longer want to receive boxes of fruit and vegetables from Eat Grim.

Get a 10% discount on the first 6 boxes of organic fruit and vegetables.

To get the IDA discount, click on the link and use the IDA code IDAXGRIM.

Use the offer now

Buy directly from the farm and avoid food waste

Because Eat Grim buys their products directly from the farms, they leave out several steps of the typical supply chain. That way, they are able to actively combat food waste and deliver produce that is fresher than what you can find in a supermarket.

In today's food industry, huge amounts of excess resources are used for sales and packaging. In addition, a lot of fruit and vegetables end up discarded due to beauty standards and overproduction. This means, for example, that if a cucumber is too crooked or an apple too small, it may not be sold in the supermarket. Eat Grim brings the organic and fresh ingredients that would normally be thrown away back on our plates - making it easier for you to reduce food waste.

Inspiration and recipes

When you buy boxes of fruit and vegetables from Eat Grim, you are not only helping to reduce the amount of food waste. You also support organic farmers directly, eat healthier with fresh foods, and reduce your plastic packaging waste.

The contents of your boxes from Eat Grim depend on the season, and therefore you will be naturally inspired for different meals. When you order an Eat Grim subscription, you also get inspiring plant-based recipes every week.

About Eat Grim

Eat Grim was founded in 2018 by Finnish Petra Kaukua and Carolin Schiemer from Germany. The company is located in Copenhagen, and it transforms the foods that would normally be lost in today's food supply chain into delicious products and services for people and food companies.