Working in Denmark

Contracts and legal advise

In recent years, Denmark has attracted foreign labour to a large number of industries. Denmark expects that in the coming years there will be an increasing need for foreign labour.

You must hold a residence and work permit in order to reside and work in Denmark, if you are a citizen of a country outside the Nordic countries or the EU/EEA. Whether you can obtain a residence and work permit depends, first and foremost, on your qualifications. It is your own responsibility to obtain a work permit if you are required to. 

Working Conditions in Denmark

Denmark holds the European record for most women on the labour market. A reason is that the opportunities to get a job are equal among men and women, which is an important aspect if you are a woman looking for a job abroad. Furthermore, the salary level is by law required to be the same for both men and woman performing the same job. Women work an average of 35 hours a week compared to 41 hours a week for men. These issues also make Denmark a very relevant choice for couples seeking jobs for both parties.