What is IDA

Get cash discounts with IDA

As a member of IDA you can get a debit card to Forbrugsforeningen (discount organisation), which you can use to buy goods and save money. Each time you use the debit card in one of the roughly 4,600 collaborating shops you get a bonus discount – usually 9 %.

Did you know that about 3,800 members of IDA already have a debit card from Forbrugsforeningen. And did you know that they in 2010 received an average of DKK 1,100 in bonuses? Maybe you can get even more?

Bonuses and special discounts

At forbrugsforeningen.dk you can always see where you get bonuses. Here you can also read about special discounts from the different partners.

Ordering your debit card to Forbrugsforeningen.

You get a debit card by becoming a member of Forbrugsforeningen. When you have signed up they will mail the debit card to your home address. Once you receive the card you are ready go shopping and collect your bonuses.

Join Forbrugsforeningen here.