Benefits for students

Join IDA and get access to all the great member benefits today!

The first study year is free and after that a student membership to IDA costs only DKK 20 per month. A membership of IDA gives you access to cheap insurances, professional and social events, a beneficial student bank account, a digital version of the trade magazine Ingeniøren (In Danish) and plenty of opportunities to build networks.

Below is a list of ten things IDA can help you with. The full list of what we can do is much longer. To see more about what IDA can do for you, take a look around this site or contact IDA (tel. +45 33 18 48 48)
#1: Finding your way in Denmark
Many things in Denmark will probably be different in Denmark than you are used to. This can make your transition stressful, making it hard to focus on your studies during the first weeks and months. IDA can help you with the transition and give you advice on all subjects related to settling in Denmark.
#2: Take it to the bank
One of the first things you should do when arriving in Denmark, if not already before you arrive, is set up a Danish bank account. IDA has negotiated a special deal with Lån & Spar Bank on behalf of its members. The deal ensures that you get better rates and other bonuses when opening an account with the bank. 
#3: Getting insured
Another important step is insuring both yourself and your belongings. IDA has negotiated a special, low-cost student insurance for its members. Like with the bank account, this ensures you a favourable rate on insurance. 
#4: Saving a bundle
IDA also has a special deal with MasterCard. The deal give all IDA-members discounts on everything from you energy bill, to concerts or even buying flowers. In total, the discounts apply to more than 3.200 stores and locations in Denmark, 
#5: Getting to know other students
IDA arranges student events all around Denmark with a focus on the various engineering colleges and universities. The events are as a great space for students to make new friend and get to know each other. You even have the option of joining one of the event organising teams. This not only makes you a member of a close-knit group, but also develops your professional and managerial skills.
#6: Join other Young Professionals
IDA Young Professionals is a networking group for students and recent graduates from engineering, technical fields and the natural sciences. The group arranges conferences, courses, company visits, talks and much more for its members. In total, there are more than 20 events a year.
#7: Keep up to date
A student’s membership to IDA comes with a free subscription to the magazine Ingeniøren. The magazine and website covers all subjects related to the world of engineering, focussing on current technological, political and world news that affects engineers in Denmark and internationally. 
#8: Networking
Under the IDA umbrella, you find a host of professional networks aimed at developing the skills of their members. All IDA’s professional networks are volunteer-run and all the members are passionate about their subjects. It is a great place for young engineers to find inspiration and grow the contact network in a fun setting where you are also learning a lot from seasoned professionals.
#9: During your internship and student jobs
Studying to be a civil engineer in Denmark involves spending a half a year as an intern in an engineering company. This is a great opportunity to get a feel for what being an engineer really entails, but might also come with questions about contracts, working hours and the like. IDA can help its members with all issues relating to internships, as well as student jobs. 
#10: Getting from studying to working
When you are reaching the end of your studies, it is time pursue your first full-time job. IDA can help you make the transition from school into the first position of your career. We run various job training and job seeking courses, as well as offer advice on how to network, expand your skill set and a host of other things.
Finally, the small print
While it almost sounds too good to be true, all you need to take advantage of all the things mentioned above, and much more, is a student’s membership of IDA. The membership is free for the first year, and just 20 Danish kroner a month after that.